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When I had my 5th baby last year I thought I had been through it all and was a professional breast feeder.

But my healthy baby boy was losing weight every day instead of gaining, despite my milk coming in

and his appearing to nurse well. My pediatrician referred me to Eva and she was able to come over that night.

She was warm and compassionate and very encouraging. She made sure I felt like I was doing everything I could

and that he was an insufficient nurser. Eva gave me a plan to follow that included formula supplementation

to help him regain his birth weight, as well as ways to get my baby to nurse better.

She leant me her baby scale so that I could weigh him daily and see his progress after every feeding.

Eva was always a phone call or text away to give me support and advice.

My son was able to wean from supplementaion within a month, and now at 15 months,

he is still nursing and weighs in the 99 percentile at 32 lbs.!

I highly recommend Eva!



Eva was awesome to work with! Liam was our first baby and we had no idea how breastfeeding worked. We contacted Eva when Liam was a week old and it was clear to us that breastfeeding wasn't working. Eva helped us with all the techniques and also she provided confidence we needed. Eva was extremely patient and very pleasant to work with and we were able to 100% breastfeed Liam after 3 home visits with Eva!

We would never have been able to do this without her help. If we decide to have the second baby, we will definitely contact her for a prenatal visit and make sure to get her help from a day one!



As a first time mother, I had unknowingly put a lot of pressure on myself to breastfeed my baby.

When the time came, breastfeeding was very painful for me and I began to dread feeding times,

which in turn made me feel like a terrible mother.

My pediatrician referred me to Eva, who was able to visit me same day and give me what I was really looking for: Support and Peace-of-Mind.

Eva was very kind and understanding. She heard my concerns and advised me on ways to improve my comfort level, while in turn reminding me that I know what I’m doing and I need to trust myself.

Eva followed up with me several times to ensure that breastfeeding was improving and becoming more of an enjoyable experience.

I am very glad that I called Eva.



I met Eva almost 3 years ago when my first son was a few days old. He was born with facial nerve damage which severely effected his latch and we needed help! Eva showed me how to use the nipple shield and offered much encouragement! Nursing my first was a long struggle but with much help and support we were able to continue exclusively breastfeeding for almost 2 years! 

We recently saw Eva when our second son was 2 days old. I was having a painful latch and pain during nursing sessions. Needless to say I was panicked as nursing my first had been so painful for so long. Eva quickly helped set my mind at ease by assessing his latch and confirming that everything looked just right. The pain quickly began to improve over the next few days and now we are nursing pain free before he is even 2 weeks old.

Eva is so sweet and her calming presence was just what I needed at such vulnerable times. She comes ready with information and stays totally available to answer any questions you may have!   



Eva is a caring professional who is highly knowledgeable about breastfeeding techniques because she understands the subtle cues babies give to express themselves to their mothers.  

She has been an instrumental resource for me and my baby by boosting my knowledge and confidence about how much milk I actually produce at a typical breastfeeding.  

As an experienced mother herself she can provide advice about many other things besides breastfeeding.  

I would consult to her again as a valuable resource for a new mother.



When my third child was born, I was determined to finally succeed at breastfeeding.

I was not able to nurse my two older boys for various reasons. My baby girl was quite interested in nursing but I had cracked and bleeding nipples and so much pain that I almost dreaded every nursing session. Eva came to my house on a short notice. She was very kind and supportive. She suggested a few solutions and was very encouraging. She gave me confidence in my ability to make enough milk for my baby. Also, she made sure to follow up with me after her visit. I had her come over again as I struggled with thrush a few weeks after that. Again, she was very helpful and reassuring.

My baby girl is now almost 13 months and still nursing. Thank you again for all your help.

            Eva T.                  







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